VEA Chile Information Report--Mike and Marisol Sheffield

VEA Chile Information Report--Mike and Marisol Sheffield


Here is some information on what is going on in the ministry of God in the country of Chile. 
Marisol and I welcome you to this site and hope that you enjoy looking at these pictures.  God is using us to build up the local body of Christ through training of local pastors, building church buildings, holding seminars, and being faithful to the Call of God on our lives.
We also have a National calling to the country of Chile.  We plan to develop training seminars for other churches, hold special evangelistic meetings, and plant churches where none exist.  It is also our desire to strengthen churches that have lost the vision of God for them.  We are called to the country of Chile.
Finally, we believe we have an international calling.  God has already opened the doors for us to go to neighboring countries such as Bolivia.  We believe God will continue to use us as we go to other countries in the world to share what God has shared with us.
We appreciate your taking time to visit this site.  For more information, you can contact us by calling (stateside) 432-614-0691 or
Mike and Marisol Sheffield